Cleaning Equipment Repair

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Cleaning Equipment Repair

Our qualified, experienced cleaning equipment repair mechanics can service all brands of janitorial equipment to keep you cleaning.


Vacuum cleaners create suction using a pump that collects liquids or dirt from practically any surface.  Carpet vacuums have a cylindrical spinning brush to dislodge the dirt and direct it toward the suction.  Wet vacuums typically collect the liquid by including a squeegee.

Servicing your vacuum regularly can not only keep it in excellent working condition but can also extend the life of the motor or help prevent early failure.

Floor Scrubbers

Floor Scrubbers typically consist of rotary scrubbing heads, a suction and cleaning solution dispensing solution system.  Floor scrubbers come in walk behind or riding models.  The combination of dirt and liquid and multiple moving parts makes these machines prone to breakage.  While most of the dirty liquid ends up in the recovery tank, some of it goes where it is not intended, causing parts to fail.  If well maintained, the life of these units can be extended by 3 years or more.

Superior Equipment Repair offers maintenance programs that service all working parts including hoses, grease fittings, drive motors, linkages, actuator motors, brush motors and vacuum motors, removing corrosive chemicals, adding lubrication and inspecting for wear and parts replacement.  We also offer warranty and break / fix service.

Carpet Extractors

Carpet Extractors are made up of water or chemical solution dispensing systems, with a cylindrical rotating brush to dislodge dirt and allow it to be removed by the suction system that in turn collects the contaminated water.  They are most frequently used for light carpet cleaning and are recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

Superior Equipment Repair offers a maintenance program that includes cleaning and flushing of the extractor, inspecting the hose and suction system, lids, seals, brushes, and pump motor, lubricating wheels and cleaning filters.  We also offer in warranty and out of warranty repairs.

Floor Buffers

A floor buffer is used to clean or strip floors without carpet.  They do not have a suction system but function to agitate the finish using a fast spinning pad and often a liquid dispenser that is gravity fed.  Larger units have wheels and allow the operator to easily move the machine and scrub debris that is stuck to the surface.

If well maintained and used according to manufacturer directions, a good quality floor scrubber should have a life of 10-15 years, so it is worth protecting your investment with a maintenance plan from Superior Equipment Repair.

Floor Burnishers

Floor Burnishers are comprised of a fast rotating pad that is powered by a small motor.  The motor may be electric, battery powered, or propane powered although propane is the most common fuel source.  This cleaning equipment is used to create a glossy finish on sealed floors, giving patients or customers a positive impression as they enter the building.  They are faster and more effective than floor buffers and polishers, although they require a larger investment.  Floor burnishers have become more fuel and carbon efficient in recent years, as well as quieter, which has contributed to their popularity.  Some include vacuum systems to capture airborne particulates.

Maintaining your floor burnisher is critical to maximizing its life span.  Like any motorized equipment, they require periodic oil changes, grease and bolt tightening.  Fuel lines and regulators need to be checked for leaks.  Maintaining your janitorial equipment today can avoid costly problems later on.



Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers are used to blast dirt and grime away from outdoor surfaces.  They are an efficient way of keeping outdoor walkways, entrances and walls clean in our humid, South Florida climate, and are often used to hose down outdoor vehicles.  Pressure Washers are available in cold and hot water models.  They may be electric or gas/diesel powered.  They range in size from hand held to larger rolling units.

Pressure Washers should receive regular maintenance to change the engine oil and filter, check the water and gas lines for leaks and tighten all connectors to make sure that the force of the pressure will go where intended during use.


Propane-Powered Burnishers

Propane powered buffers are an ideal piece of equipment for large and demanding areas needing daily buffing. These machines with propane powered piston engines will need to be kept in optimum running condition to ensure that the carbon monoxide output is within safe operating limits. Regular oil changes and changing air filters are the only way to ensure safe operation of this equipment. The valves will need to be adjusted on a regular basis to ensure proper intake and exhaust function. These are just a few of the many things needed to ensure proper and safe operation of this type of equipment.

Industrial Sweeper/Scrubber

We here at Superior Equipment repair are a warranty repair facility for not only commercial equipment but also Industrial equipment. This includes large ride on sweepers and scrubbers made by Tennent, Advance or American Lincoln. There are few shops with the expertise and support of the manufacturers that are able to work on these machines. We are able to work on this type of equipment and we make our own hydraulic hoses in house. We do complete engine rebuilds to simple oil changes. This is exactly why having a service agreement is so important. With a expensive piece of equipment like these machines, one can save thousands using a service plan rather then waiting for things to go wrong. Many repairs can be avoided with the service plan and regular maintenance.

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